Postpartum Naturopathic In-Home Wellness Visit with Dr. Melanie Jacobson ND, Birth Doula, Lactation Consultant:

Mom and baby wellness checks: in your home!

In-home visits to assist with breastfeeding, bonding and attachment, check general physical well being of mom and baby, and assess postpartum adjustment. Also provides acupuncture for hormonal balance and boosting milk supply.

Cost: $350.00

Moxibustion For Breech Babies:

  • About 3-4% of women present with babies in the breech position at term

  • Moxibustion is a safe and gentle way of helping to encourage breech babies to move into the right position

  • Best results are often gained before 36-37 weeks, as there is still room for your baby to move

  • Moxibustion can help later in pregnancy as well

Moxibustion uses a stick of Moxa, which is a warming herb that is lit and held over an acupuncture point on the little toe. This encourages the release of placental estrogen, leading to uterine contractions.  These contractions can then stimulate the baby to move. During the consultation we will show you how to use the Moxa stick so that you can continue with the treatment at home

Cost: $80.00 per treatment

Post Induction Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is safe, relatively pain free and works by needling specific points on the body that bring forth stimulation, promoting labour induction and regulating the uterus. There are several studies that also show acupuncture can increase the frequency and strength of the contraction as well as shorten the duration of the labour.

Cost: $ 80.00 per treatment

*As a government regulated healthcare profession, services provided by our naturopathic birth doulas are covered by most extended healthcare plans in Ontario.